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College can feel a lot like a sleep away camp sometimes. A busy schedule, constantly being with friends, having to wear shower shoes and not quite ever feeling clean. For some reason the standard shower at Penn State doesn’t always achieve that fully clean feeling you’re looking for. And even if it does, everyone needs to treat themselves with some self care every now and then. Whether or not you’ve been feeling back in your element now that school has begun, you may be yearning for a certain familiar feeling. We’ve all seen the “clean look” trending across all platforms on our feeds lately, but what we want to focus on is that clean feeling. From a night of de-stressing to skin care, VALLEY has the guide to the perfect spa night from your dorm.

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Step 1

Take a long hot shower. Play your favorite playlist in the shower and stop thinking about everyone who can hear it and are possibly judging your taste in music. Make sure to tick all the boxes to make it your ideal shower. Whether that’s a fully body shave day, a leave in conditioner or some exfoliating, take the time to do that extra step you may not always have time too.

Don’t forget to moisturize after!

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Step 2

Set your led lights (we know you have them!) to whatever moody color you’re feeling to set the vibe and make your dorm feel a little less like a dorm. Make your bed into your ideal chill spot with some warm blankets and your favorite pillows.

Step 3

Grab an ice cube from your freezer. Run the ice cube along the entirety of your face. Play around with the motions to find what feels best for you. This may sound uncomfortable or even painful but it shouldn’t be — remove the ice cube if you have this experience. The goal of this, aside from the soothing feeling, is to get that healthy glow. You should feel less puffy and oily in the morning if you do this step before bed!

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Step 4

Continue with your typical skin care routine! If you don’t have one thats completely fine too because we’re going to add an extra step. Get any face mask that adheres to your skin needs (hydration, acne preventing, etc.) Try to sit back and relax after you apply. The usual sitting time for a face mask is around 15 minutes. Take this time to breath and meditate, or if thats not your thing throw on your comfort YouTube channel.

Step 5

This step may seem extra but trust us it really makes a difference! Take around 5-10 minutes before you get into bed to really stretch. This improves blood circulation and relives muscle tension so you can fully relax and get a better quality sleep.

Step 6
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Sit back, relax and have a calm night. Whether that’s curling up with a new book or watching a movie alongside your favorite person, do what’s best for you!

VALLEY knows first hand that the little things like this can make all the difference. While we know rubbing an ice cube on your face won’t be solving all your problems, it does provide you with a nice 2-minute escape. Sometimes a break is all you can ask for while away at college. Take care of yourself PSU!

Photo posted by @poosh on Instagram

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