Women Are Wearing Less in 2018, and it is Amazing.

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Skirts are getting shorter and gals are getting stronger. Women’s fashion in 2018 is drastically developing into a more exposed and edgy style. This change might be a little wild, but it is equally amazing.

Reevaluating the Past

Women are women, but that does not mean they should be told what is acceptable to wear and what is not; just because women do not have the same bodies as men, that does not mean they should have to cover up. Why is the female body considered “inappropriate” to expose? The answer lies within the rigidness of a society that wants to change, but is allowing its past to continue creating a barrier for itself … but the future is here, and no amount of conservativeness can hold back an entire era.

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Looking Toward the Future

Red carpet events have become the perfect venue for women in the spotlight to use their fame to make a statement. These ladies are walking the carpet in just about anything they want. From sheer dresses that show off an immense amount of skin, sometimes even a bare chest, to mini-skirts to curve-hugging bodysuits, sometimes even without a bottom piece — gowns with a very low back, a plunging neckline, a thigh-high slit and even outfits purely made out of lace or jewels — you name it, they’re wearing it.

This newer, sexier style begs the question … “why?”

“Empowerment,” says Olivia Lawrence, a sophomore majoring in meteorology. “It really isn’t just about these women showing off what they’ve got. I think that celebrities are trying to influence some sort of power and pride for all types of women and all types of bodies.”

When young girls see celebrities strutting the red carpet in a beautiful, daring outfit, they don’t just see the clothing and the body that is wearing it, they see confidence. They see a woman who is strong and unafraid to put herself out there and who shows the world that she is proud of her body — a woman who wants to show the world her womanhood. Yes, these outfits can be labeled as skimpy or inappropriate, but on the other hand, they could also be viewed as prideful and trendsetting. A celebrity who is going to face hundreds of cameras and thousands of admirers in a bold outfit has to have a certain air about her, and that air is brave and poised.

The Influence

With female celebrities wearing more revealing clothing, fashion industries are transforming their lines to appeal to the younger generation who follow these trends.

Sophomore, Cloe Evans, replied “[On a regular night out, I usually wear] either a cropped top or a [fitted] top with ripped up jeans. Or sometimes a short denim skirt with a cute top and heels … It is pretty normal to see girls wearing revealing clothing to parties and things like that.”

“The topic of women wearing less clothing is a lot more stigmatized than it needs to be,” says Evans. “People put words into men’s mouths by saying that a woman wearing revealing clothing will distract them. It’s not about the men, it’s about the women.”

Fashion is a form of self-expression and everyone is entitled to wear what they want. With the new revealing styles rocking the cosmopolitan world, women have been able to step out of the shadows and let themselves and their womanhood shine. This new era of women’s fashion is about more than just the clothing itself, it is about allowing women to feel powerful in their own skin.

And that is amazing.


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