Sweet Summer Styles: Top Fashion Trends of the Summer

As we begin our first steps into the summer sun, we are all antsy to explore the next three months of warmth and sunshine. In order to prepare for the endless photo shoots we all adore throughout these months, we are going to talk about the top fashion trends of the summer season.


Everyone loves a good gingham. Whether it’s daring pants or a flirty skirt, gingham brings the perfect combination of edgy and classy. It is so easy to wake up, throw on a gingham dress, pair it with colorful shoes and be ready for brunch with friends or for a day in the city. The best part about this pattern is that you can dress it up or down. Straying from the typical black and white is an easy fix with this look. Red, yellow or blue allows you to truly spice up this summer classic, be bold and stand out.


The matching set is a blossoming fashion trend this coming season. A cute top with matching pants, shorts or a skirt is coming back into style with full force. This fun, flirty and fabulous look is a soon-to-be statement piece in all of our closets. Whether it’s a bold solid or a dazzling print, any set is ready for you to rock.

Patterned Pants

Another style we love is the ever-evolving patterned pant. They are a light look, giving you legs for days. Pair it with a solid top and a cute belt, and you are set for those occasional cool and rainy days we all have a love-hate relationship with in the summer. A pair of patterned pants is a style that can easily vary depending on how you wear them. You can mess with patterns and prints, lengths and material — get spunky with it! As long as you have your basic T-shirt, the possibilities are endless.

Denim And More Denim

We can never get enough denim. First of all, jean jackets will never go out of style. Whether they are ripped and full of grunge or simply oversized, this is a piece everyone should have in their closet. What’s the latest style update on denim? Overalls. Overall, we give this fun, little number a solid 10 out of 10. There are so many different styles of overalls that range from girly and flirty to vintage and edgy. Let’s not forget about what brought us here to begin with: a good old-fashioned pair of jeans. Black, white or blue, boyfriend or straight, you can never own enough! Nothing says beach-ready like a fresh pair of denim cutoffs.

How do you rock your summer style? Tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag with your summer look!


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