Yellow: The Color of the Season

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Every summer, bright colors and lighter fabrics always seem to be a popular trend, and this year is no different. Aside from the typical pastels and carefree silhouettes, however, the color yellow seems to be taking the spotlight this season.

For many, it’s something outside their usual “go-to” style, and the uniqueness of this shade is one of many reasons it has become a hit in the fashion world this year.

“I think yellow is an underrated color,” says sophomore Emily Dale. “I’m glad it’s becoming more popular, because it’s a happy color that is great for summer.”

From pale yellows to deep mustards, this color in and of itself is a staple trend this summer. However, for those who have never experimented with this shade, it can be difficult to know what pieces will match your current wardrobe and style. VALLEY has you covered with looks and inspiration to add a little something bright to your summer style.

Simple Yellow Accessories

A simple, yet stylish way to incorporate such a bright shade into your existing wardrobe is through various accessories. Tassel earrings — statement earrings in general — have been growing in popularity throughout this spring and early summer. Wearing bright statement earrings can amp up a simple outfit, and give a nice pop of color without being too overwhelming. Try pairing fun, yellow tassel earrings with a classic, simple outfit such as a plain sundress. If you’re not feeling the earring trend, a yellow statement necklace or even a cross body bag are other fun ways to add just a little something to your everyday outfit.

Playing with Accent Colors

If there’s one trend that’s remained the same from this summer to last, it has to be the denim obsession. From jean jackets to classic cutoff shorts, the possibilities are truly endless. Why not add a pop of color to spice up an already fashionable fabric? Denim skirts with an accent color on the side add just the slightest bit of a bright hue to totally change up a staple piece. With any new fashion trend, if you’re unsure how to incorporate it into your own style, VALLEY recommends starting small; use yellow as an accent color to an already trendy piece.

Two Trends in One: Yellow Sets

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen that matching sets are all the rage this season. Who doesn’t love the convenience of buying a top and bottom, all at once, that already looks great together? These two-piece outfits are appropriate for so many fun summer events, or even just a casual day in the city or by the beach. Matching sets are a fun way to incorporate two summer trends at the same time, which will surely be a head-turner no matter what your summer plans are.

No matter how you choose to incorporate yellow into your summer wardrobe, VALLEY knows that you will surely to look fabulous while experimenting with one of this year’s hottest trends. Tag us in your latest yellow fashion pics on Instagram @VALLEYmag!


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