What’s the Scoop?

In today’s world, we are constantly inundated with information and we have to sort through so much to stay updated and woke in 2018. With endless news outlets and ways to consume what goes on in our world. Podcasts are a great way to get news as on-the-go college students.

“Up First”

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NPR’s “Up First” comes directly from NPR, but is downloadable as a quick 10-15 morning podcast. If you love unfiltered NPR, this one is for you.

“The Daily”

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“The Daily” is a New York Times podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro. This podcast is objectively similar to “Up First,” but with the editorial slant of the Times.

“Today Explained”

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Powered by Vox, this podcast adds a lively and fresh perspective to start the day. Rachel Chormanski, a sophomore majoring in philosophy and political science, loves the podcast.  “It’s fresher mix,” Chormanski says. “It’s not just your ‘old white guy’ news.”

Who picks up a newspaper these days? When you can get news right on your phone, it’s so easy to keep up with current events!

“Vox Sentences”

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This Vox email subscription summarizes the best and most important news stories and condenses them into what Vox calls, “Vox Sentences.” The tag line, “The news, but shorter,” explains Vox’s mission and dedication to getting the news out to busy, yet informed consumers.

“The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet”

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“The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet” is a compilation of top hits and must-reads from some of the most respected sources. The weekday e-newsletter features articles from Reuters, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and more! Each article is shown with a summary and link so readers can easily access the original article if they so choose, or just catch up quickly with the email summary!

“The Skimm”

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Similar to “The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet,” “The Skimm” also compiles what they deem as the most important stories and deliver them to readers via daily morning email or on their app. However, “The Skimm” targets a female millennial audience making this source a bit different than conventional news!

Regardless of where or how you consume your news, it’s important to be informed and up-to-date on what is going on in our current world.  There is an abundance of sources and ways to stay current, so find what works for you.


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