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The success of the podcast “Serial” in 2014 left the podcasting doors wide open and allowed everyone who owned a microphone to walk through. Amateurs and professionals alike embraced the new era, and once iTunes and Spotify were on board, the podcast era took off. There are a ton of different podcasts out there, but VALLEY thinks these six add an unexpected twist on some mainstream ideas.

  1. Gilmore Guys

What do you get when two grown men get together to talk about the fictional world of Stars Hollow? Pure success. These guys are way too funny for their own good and care WAY too much about the fate of our favorites, Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. They mock, they praise, they chat — who knew emotional investment could translate into so many podcast episodes?

  1. How did this get made?

A group of friends talking about terrible movies — how can that be funny? You’d be surprised that it SO is. The three hosts deconstruct the plots and characters, as well as get “second opinions” from Amazon reviewers. Some episodes are filmed in front of a live audience so listeners get to hear the question and answer portion of the show.

  1. Reply All

The internet is not to be messed with. In this wild podcast, the hosts make you question if you even have control of what you do on the world wide web. It’s original in its way of describing modern life with technology.

  1. Household Name

“Household Name” gives you the surprising stories behind the biggest brands we know and love. Moreover, they discuss how these brands have changed our lives. Want to know how the pumpkin spice latte went from luxury to basic? Listen to this podcast.

  1. Potterless

A 25-year-old reads “Harry Potter” for the first time. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. Yes, it will make you laugh repeatedly. Your host pokes holes in the plot, questions J.K. Rowling’s motives in even writing the series and makes irrational assumptions about what will happen next. Welcome to the bewitching world of “Potterless.”

  1. The Bechdel Cast

An idea based off of the portrayal of women in movies, “The Bechdel Cast” takes a spin for the best. Aptly named for the Bechdel Scale, this podcast takes the movies we all know and love with our favorite powerful females and makes us think about the characters in a lens that might not be the most prominent.

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