Netflix Spotlight: “Black Mirror”

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Technology has become a huge part of our daily lives. Most of us struggle to not look at our cell phones for more than five minutes and almost all of our academic livelihood is stored on our computers. Have you ever wondered what would happen if tech takes over our world? Through a whirlwind of bizarre, mind-bending installments, the Netflix show “Black Mirror” can answer that. This hit TV series has attracted much attention in the recent months after the release of its fourth season and viewers are already hungry for season five. Pairing highly-advanced electronics with dramatic scenarios, “Black Mirror” gives us a look into the danger humanity’s future holds if we start to value technology more than our own minds, souls and morals.

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Similar to the eerie, classic series “The Twilight Zone,” “Black Mirror’s” seasons hold a collection of thrilling episodes that are uninvolved with each other. Each episode showcases a new cast, plot, setting and characters. This unique feature gives the show a sense of varied perspective and recurring novelty, keeping viewers intrigued as they make their way through the seasons. Maintaining viewer interest is a something most conventional TV series can’t always do. By showing a selection of different storylines, “Black Mirror” has become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.

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In its own way, “Black Mirror” satirizes the abuse of electronics by humans. The psychological-thriller style episodes are dramatic and at times exaggerated, but all in the name of furthering the show’s big-picture message: technology is exciting, but it can be disastrous if applied incorrectly. Season three’s opening episode, titled “Nosedive,” creates an exaggerated story of cyberbullying by being set in a time when, somehow, social media is valued even more than it is today. In this world, individuals are given a rating out of five of how liked they are by the public, made up by the average of ratings you receive from strangers and friends alike on a day-to-day basis. Almost no one is seen not staring down at a cell phone, constantly posting pictures of everything they are doing, eating and seeing. Do you see how this type of application of technology could be dangerous?

If taking a look at humanity’s potential (and pretty unfortunate) future interests you, “Black Mirror” is the perfect show for you. Set aside a few hours to binge, because you surely won’t be able to stop watching once you’ve started.

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