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After a year of having Hulu added to your Spotify student account, there are even better things to come for debt-ridden college students. Spotify announced that starting this month, you now also have access to SHOWTIME for no additional charge (as long as you have a premium student account with Spotify). VALLEY has the top five shows to watch from the famed network, so break out the popcorn because these series will have you spending your weeknights, weekends and probably class time on the couch.

“Shameless,” Drama

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We all know and love this series. A tight-knit family of six siblings faces the world with a drunk father in tow, but now you can watch the newest season (season 9) without having to wait for it to come out on a different platform. Take on each new episode while the plot thickens as one of the main actors announces their departure from the show. If you look back at the cast a lot has changed and VALLEY is so excited to see how their stories wrap up.

“Billions,” Crime Drama

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Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire who cheats the stock market? U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades, that’s for sure. Follow two perspectives as Rhoades pursues prosecution of “ambitious hedge fund king” Bobby Axelrod. Things heat up quickly as personal vendettas and justice go head-to-head in this series. What makes it even more intriguing? Rhoades’ wife works with Axelrod as his therapist.

“Ray Donovan,” Action/Drama
14. (TIE)

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When the rich and famous need something fixed, they come to him. Donovan does the dirty work for the most powerful people in Los Angeles. With an award-winning cast, you can’t go wrong with this series. Liev Schriber, playing Donovan, has been previously nominated for both an Emmy and Golden Globe award while Jon Voight, playing Donovan’s father, is an Oscar winner. The only catch is that Donovan can fix everyone’s problems except for his own.

“Penny Dreadful,” Supernatural Horror
6. (TIE)

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If you liked British literature in high school, this one is for you. Creating a twist on the classics like “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “Frankenstein,” these characters and more come to life against the backdrop of victorian London. Mixed in with a crew of original characters, the supernatural comes together to stave off dark mysteries filled with personal demons. This show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and checking under your bed.

“Homeland,” Action/Suspense

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With a strong female lead and CIA based investigations, “Homeland” is sure to capture your attention. As season 9 comes out in June 2019, there is plenty of time to catch up on what you’ve been missing. CIA officer Carrie Mathison is the best at her job despite being bipolar and with the help of a mentor, Saul Berenson, she can do anything — even if it means risking her life for the fate of the nation.

Don’t let this list fool you, there are plenty more binge-worthy series waiting to be watched. Check out all of these plus more on your brand new SHOWTIME subscription.


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