Binge Discovery

Everyone knows that summer is the perfect time to binge-watch all of your favorite TV series because there’s usually not much else to do. But, Valley has an idea. Rather than continue with usual mind-numbing habits, why not try taking this time to actually learn something?

Netflix Documentaries

Believe it or not, Netflix does have a documentary section full with informational content that covers a vast number topics.

Some of the most accredited, recently produced documentaries are available for streaming at any time on Netflix. Learn more about the American prison system with the Academy Award-Nominee “13th” or even venture into the life and times of “King of the Club Kids,” Michael Alig, in the new feature “Glory Daze.”

Informational content has mobilized with the rest of the internet and become more accessible and digestible than ever before. This kind of section is available on other streaming sites, such as Hulu, HBO or even just YouTube.

TED Talks

Another collection of great sources with valuable insight are TED Talks. These recorded speeches and presentations cover a variety of subjects and are available free to the public. TED Talks are ideal resources for studying or just for entertainment.

Many students discover the brilliance of TED Talks when gathering research for academic projects, but what some fail to realize is that they are overall great for simple inspiration or learning more about specific passions.

Penn State sophomore and International Politics major, Tony Covell, has utilized TED Talks for research opportunities but also enjoys the freedom to learn anything from them in his own time.

“As someone who studies the humanities, TED Talks give me an opportunity to hear political, economic, and feminist theory in casual, conversational tone,” says Covell. “For example, in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk about the single story, I began to understand the dangers in generalizations through her honest and sincere storytelling partnered with important feminist theories.”

Netflix documentaries and TED Talks make obtaining new knowledge accessible and entertaining. So the next time you find yourself gravitating towards binging “The Office” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” maybe scroll a little longer until you find something new, interesting and beneficial to watch. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something.