Aspire to Her: A Girl’s Guide to Success

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So you want to make a big splash in your career right from the start — but you don’t have any true mentors yet. What’s a girl to do? The website, Aspire to Her, has all of your insider tips to help you launch the career of your dreams — in whatever field you choose.

After starting Vanderbilt Women in Business, Aspire to Her founders, Sasha Pines and Jo Cheng, realized a few things about their fellow females.

  1. There are so many struggles to find the coveted ‘dream job.’
  2. The struggle to find success is real.
  3. Most interviews with successful women barely touch on early career lives.

Aspire to Her is meant to fill the gap that most people don’t tell you about in their career: the first ten years. Marketed as, “the newsletter for ambitious businesswomen just trying to figure it out,” Aspire to Her provides free career guides and inspiring interviews, delivered to your inbox every other Monday. What could be better than that?

The newsletter’s main mission is to empower future female leaders by featuring the career paths and journeys of real business women in various fields. But what’s the effect? It creates a network of young women who strive for excellence in all aspects of life and shows these women they don’t have to figure everything out alone.

Interviews on the site include topics ranging from work life/personal life balance, change of career moves and career comebacks and prioritizing mental health among it all. Interviewees have been the Girl Scouts CEO, PR wizards, finance tycoons and small business owners. There is truly a piece of advice for everyone in each conversation. Each segment also has a cartoon attached, detailing an interviewee’s life from schooling to where they are now. It’s quite a refreshing change from other long-form columns that are heavy with biographical information.

One of the best features on the Aspire to Her website is the career guide section. Career guides address topics like discovering your career, excelling in your dream job and networking “smart.” When they go into “How To” mode, you get an inside scoop on topics you’ve heard about but never knew how or when to talk about them. Get a sneak peek below!

Career Guide Topics
  1. Starting a side hustle
  2. Navigating internal politics
  3. Knowing if the company is the right cultural fit
  4. Establishing credibility as a woman in a male-dominated industry
  5. Starting a mentorship
  6. Maintaining professional relationships

So, if you want to invest in your professional future and celebrate the community of women that are doing the same, sign up for “Aspire to Her” newsletter here!


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