Résumé Builders If You Didn’t Get That Summer Internship

Getting an internship is the best way to get your feet wet in the industry you are pursuing. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to clinch one. That’s why filling your résumé with other valuable experience is extremely important!

Volunteer Work

Volunteering within your community or within the field you desire to pursue shows a sense of teamwork and moral responsibility to others. Future employers will surely be impressed by a commitment to volunteering to help out the community. Also, community service should be something to do not only for a résumé but to strengthen the relationship between you, your neighbors and your community.

Summer Job

Most people get a summer job for extra spending cash but this inconvenience away from the beach on a hot July day can turn out to be an important addition to your résumé. Getting and maintaining a job shows a sense of stability and dedication, while enhancing your abilities to work with a team and follow rules. It is valuable work experience, whether you’re rolling up a burrito or answering phone calls all day.

Summer Classes

Taking summer classes could be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Many schools offer on-campus classes during the summer semester, but you may also have the opportunity to take online courses. Taking classes at a local community college or public university could get you ahead of your academic requirements or allow you to catch up. This shows initiative in your studies. This also is a great way to save money on GenEd classes. To make sure the credits will transfer to Penn State, use the Transfer Credit Tool. A productive, proactive student shows a level of dedication to studies and a pride in workmanship.


World experience can prove handy, even though many people may see it as leisure. Whether in the United States or abroad, experiencing new places and cultures offers you the ability to be diverse in your knowledge of different people and cultures. It can also prove to be a great conversation starter with possible employers in talking about your specific experiences and comparing them with theirs. Many schools even offers study abroad programs during the summer where you can volunteer or take classes! From day trips to entire summers away from home, traveling opens up a floodgate of new learning experiences and room for personal growth.


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