A Pandora Station For Every Situation

Pandora is where every artist and song mash together to form stations for the music you want. Because there are so many wonderful stations and artists you want to listen to, it’s hard picking the right one.  Forget about any more confusion, these five Pandora stations are going to be your new go to the next time you find yourself in that situation.


Fill up the solo cups and break out the speakers. Before you head to the party, you need to make sure your ears are properly prepped for the evening ahead. The best Pandora station for that purpose would be Kid Cudi radio. The eclectic mix of electronic, dub step and even rap really accommodates to any pregame guest. There’s fist-pumping songs and sing alongs while you throw back some shots. It’s the perfect station for any pre-party jam sesh.


Now most people don’t use music while they study, but for some, a little background noise is great for getting the brain flowing. Tycho is a station that really eases any test anxiety and relaxes you to take on the five chapters of biology notes that need to be memorized. Its electronic melody is appealing to the mind as well as your ears.

Working out

Everyone has their workout music they love to exercise to, but it’s also beneficial to switch up the playlist every once in a while. Pop and Hip-hop Power Workout Radio is my absolute favorite. The songs are older like Flo Rida’s Good Feeling and Talk Dirty by Jason DeRulo, but they really get you in the mood to move. Whether it’s running to the tune or pushing yourself to your new personal record on the squat bar, this station adds drive to any workout routine.

Road trip

While packing up a bag to make the trip home, it’s very important to have the right music blaring in my car. My trip is only three hours, so not bad but good music is a must. 90’s alternative radio and Daft Punk radio are my two favorite stations to listen to. They’re good throw back stations and crucial to any driver who also likes to pretend they are the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sublime, Cage the Elephant, Deadmau5 and M83 are other great artists to get you through a long drive.

Pintresting/cleaning/doing nothing

Ellie Goulding is my go to lady when I’m having a lazy day. This station is full of good vibes and feels. Her soulful voice is everything I need and want in a day of nothing. Every song of hers is uplifting, empowering or just makes you want to cry because the lyrics are the definition of your life. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by this beautiful British woman?


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