Four Quick Ways to Stay Informed

As college students, we are accustomed to being absurdly busy. We have to deal with classes, homework, clubs, applications, and so much more. And aside from our preoccupation with academia, we are also expected to maintain social lives and get a decent amount of sleep. Sometimes this seems impossible, and it’s easy to get so caught up in our own crammed lives that we don’t dedicate enough time to keeping up with the current events of the world around us.

Who has time to read the newspaper when there’s barely have enough time to eat breakfast before booking it to an 8 AM in Forum? Valley is here with four quick alternatives that will keep you in the loop of the news–even if all the time you have to devote is a fifteen-minute break before your next meeting.


The Daily Skimm is an e-mail newsletter that is sent every day and contains the most relevant and up-to-date stories in the news. All you have to do is enter your e-mail on and you are added to the newsletter – for free! Each story comes with a small blurb, and you can click on the ones that sound most interesting. Plus the articles aren’t just dry and factual like many newspapers – most have funny commentary!


Scrolling through Twitter is already a past time for many of us while we wait for class. Why not use it to keep yourself informed? Follow different news outlets like CNN (@CNN), TIME (@TIME), The New York Times (@nytimes), Forbes (@Forbes), and more. The best thing about getting your news this way is you’ll be able to scroll through all of the headlines easily until one piques your interest and you can click on the article from there! is a news site designed to save you time! A staff of writers that works for the site take current event stories and consolidate them into quick articles that are only a couple of paragraphs long summarizing what happened. This is a great way to learn about a lot while only reading a little.

Facebook trends

If you weren’t already aware, Facebook has a sidebar that informs viewers of the current trending topics. Some of these topics are the biggest news stories, and some are just the timely talks of the town. This is another great way to see what the most-clicked headlines are, and if one interests you then follow the link to a bunch of different articles relevant to the topic.

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