Shanghai Fashion Week

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Shanghai Fashion Week just celebrated its 15th year with its spring/summer ’19 show that ran from Oct. 10-17. Though it is not included in what the fashion industry knows as “The Big Four”  Milan, New York, London and Paris Shanghai proves its shows should not be overlooked and that innovative, young Chinese designers are quickly making waves in the fashion world alongside designers from across the globe.

Famous Chinese designers have been showing their collections at The Big Four shows for numerous years, including Yang Li, Wang Tao, Angus Chiang and Angel Chen. These designers and many new, young Chinese designers have an especially large millennial following, which may indicate who and what to keep an eye out for in the future of fashion trends.

In the last year, the number of Chinese brands and designers at New York Fashion Week nearly doubled from 16 to 33. As emerging Chinese designers are finding their niche amongst the huge and long-established western brands, there was an emphasis at Shanghai Fashion Week to bring Chinese designers back to China both physically and figuratively. These new fashion forces are redefining China’s fashion outside of the western influences that dominate Chinese streetwear and style.

In the spirit of new ideas and fresh, young perspectives, themes on the runway at Shanghai Fashion Week seemed to focus towards modern takes on art and sustainability while subtly incorporating Chinese culture.

From fun and futuristic street style to higher-end luxury fashion, Shanghai Fashion Week covers it all. Each designer had a distinct and unique point of view that made each show as exciting and entertaining as the next. Check out some top runway looks from the other side of the globe!

Ming Ma
Zhang Na
Ximon Lee
Susan Fang
8ON8, Li Gong

For more beautiful looks from Shanghai Fashion Week, visit Here, you can learn about every brand and designer featured in the shows and see their entire collections!


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