What’s In A Dream?

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” was said by the famous princess, Cinderella. But Cindy must have been on some happy pills when she said that because my dreams usually involve dragons, car accidents and my younger sister trying to kill me.

We all dream and wake up wondering what the heck our brains are trying to tell us by putting awful or just weird images into our brain while we sleep.Interpreting dreams is confusing and sometimes impossible. Here is a list of some of the most common symbols that show up in dreams and what they mean.


A change is on the horizon for you or someone you know. If the people in your dream are your living parents, then that could indicate a big change in your life. If you know the person dying in your dream, then you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that embodies the loved one. To dream about yourself dying could mean that there is a discovery being made about yourself and symbolizes inner change.


If you dream about your significant other cheating on you, it could mean you are feeling neglect or insecurity in the relationship. It also points to lack of trust and low self esteem. You may have a feeling of unworthiness, while in your dream your partner is cheating, you see them with someone better, thinner, smarter than you. If you are the one doing the cheating in the dream, it could mean you have feelings of self-guilt or you have been dishonest in the relationship.


Everyone has had a dream where they are running from something but can’t seem to run fast enough or all of a sudden can’t move at all anymore. It could mean you are feeling out of control in life. You don’t have power over some things anymore, so you feel helpless and weak. A wake up call could be needed after having several dreams involving paralysis. Take back control!


This isn’t a bad message actually. Pregnancy in your dream could mean you want to come up with a new idea and explore different options with projects; maybe spruce up the apartment with that idea you saw on Pinterest. Women create new life when pregnant, so it’s no surprise when you dream of pregnancy that what you’re really craving is creativity.


Becoming lost in your dream means you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Are you stepping into a new challenge or putting more on your plate than usual? You are looking for more time maybe, or a new way to step up and take these challenges head on.

Vivid dreams

You know those dreams where you have a fight with your best friend and you wake up wanting to send them a nasty text. But oh that was just a dream…right? Vivid dreams can be more unpleasant than the usual nightmare. These intense dreams are designed to get your attention. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something, so listen up. That friend you had a fight with in your dream could be going through a rough time and maybe you haven’t noticed any of the signs. Or the friend actually could use a nasty text because they are doing something wrong behind your back. Another link to vivid dreams is your health.

Bipolar disorder and diabetes are linked to vivid dreams because low blood sugar causes the brain to do strange things to get stored glucose into the blood stream. One way is through adrenaline spurts like the ones people tend to wake up in after having a vivid dream. If you notice them happening very often, maybe see a doctor to make sure all is well.

In conclusion, be honest with yourself. Your dreams will never tell you something you don’t already know on a certain level. It’s hard to accept some things, especially if it’s within a dream, but take charge of those small instincts and do something about it.


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