What Seniors Have to Look Forward to

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The time has almost come. The time each year when the warmer weather comes and seniors at Penn State start to realize it is the beginning of the end. However, it shouldn’t all be sad — there is still a lot to look forward to. All of the last Blue-White tailgates, bar crawls, parents weekend and taking a second to just take it in and see where you have come.

Blue-White weekend will be here before we know it. A time when Penn State family and friends come together for one last tailgate filled with good burgers and music. The tailgate fields are packed without a sad person around and especially no one worried about the score. Get your outfits and school spirit ready seniors, it’s almost time for our last tailgate as a student!

Senior bar crawls are a tradition at Penn State — roaming around downtown with your best friends will be fun. Groups of friends or organizations even get printed t-shirts to stand out. Groups of friends and organizations invite their parents to honor seniors and show them around town. One last hurrah with the people that made it possible.

There is something about Penn State that you don’t realize until you have been here for four years and are about to leave. The energy, atmosphere, community, school spirit and love. At the age of 18 until 22, you are a Penn State student. That is your role in society and especially in State College. Do yourself a favor and accept that it is ending. It will feel less of a struggle when it is here, and you will enjoy the little moments so much more. Eat at your favorite restaurant, wander around campus, do something you never have before. You won’t want to take this time back. Keep the time you have now, and don’t regret it when it is over.

“If I could go back in time, I would go to more sporting events outside of football. I feel like I didn’t go to enough,” said Alexis Krasas, Class of 2018.

There will always be the feelings of, “I should have done this and I should have done that,” but one has to remember what they came here for in the first place and run with that. Don’t forget the memories and where you came from. It’s time to accept change and the person you came to be here and always bleed blue and white.


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