VALLEY’s Senior Year Bucket List

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The time has officially started: the firsts of the lasts. As the year begins, seniors don’t want to forget a thing to do while they’re still a student. Don’t cry yet, there is still a lot of time to cherish a football season, to soak in the hike up Beaver for one more year and to make the most of your time in Happy Valley. Check out VALLEY’s senior year bucket list to make sure you don’t forget anything before its time to cross that stage.

  1. Hike Mount Nittany
  2. 55 days of Café
  3. Eat a West Halls cookie
  4. Go to the Arboretum at sunset
  5. Participate in Nittanyville
  6. Ride the White or Blue Loop with no destination
  7. Eat at every restaurant in the Hub
  8. Try every flavor of ice cream at The Creamery
  9. Go to an away football game
  10. Eat at every downtown restaurant
  11. Go to Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery
  12. Stay for the Final 4 at THON
  13. Stay for Senior Week
  14. Participate in a bar crawl with your parents
  15. Have a picnic on the Old Main 
  16. Go sledding on campus
  17. Try all fitness classes
  18. Thank your Mom & Dad
  19. Participate or attend the Mifflin Streak
  20. Go to Webster’s and buy a used book or record
  21. Attend a Penn State sporting event you’ve never seen before
  22. Work out in all of the gyms on campus
  23. Go to every bar at least once
  24. Take a picture with the Nittany Lion
  25. Go inside Old Main
  26. Take a before and after picture with the Nittany Lion statue that you took as a little freshman
  27. Eat at The Field
  28. Yell “We Are” at a tour group
  29. Graduate
  30. Always bleed blue & white

No matter where you go post graduation and who you meet, never forget where you started. The friends, the classes, the stress, the parties, the laughs and all the tears will all be memories one day. Nothing lasts forever, so don’t forget to make the most of it while you can.


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