Things You’ll Experience As A Penn State Senior

Photo by Skylar Yuen

There’s no denying it­— senior year is officially here for many of us. The semester is completely underway and seniors will be scheduling for their very last semester of classes soon. Senioritis was bad enough in high school, but it’s even worse in college. Here are a few things that every Penn State senior experiences.

Going Out All The Time

You may have never had the urge to go out during the week before, but once senior year hits, you’re out every night. Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday­— the list goes on. When you can meet all of your friends for drinks at the bar, why not go out on a Wednesday?

Job Searching

Unless you’re one of the few lucky people who start their senior year with a job lined up for after graduation, you’re either constantly searching for a job or constantly crying over the fact that you don’t have a job. Apparently the real world is an actual thing that exists after graduation. We’re nowhere near ready.

Realizing How Much You Wanted To Do

There’s a special sense of disappointment you feel when you realize it’s senior year and you still haven’t hiked Mount Nittany or argued with the Willard Preacher. You read tons of Penn State bucket lists when you were a mere freshman, but that was when you had four years left and thought you’d get around to doing everything. Now those four years are gone and you still haven’t climbed the bell tower.

Realizing Your GPA Is Basically Set

The moment you use the eLion GPA calculator and realize that as long as you don’t completely fail your classes your GPA will basically stay the same is a very dangerous moment. Why spend hours in the library trying to get an A when you can get a C and your GPA won’t even budge?

Your Love For Penn State Multiplies

You thought you loved this place as a freshman, but it isn’t until you begin your senior year that you truly realize how much you love it here. You’ve made amazing memories, even more amazing friends and gotten a great education. Savor these last few months; you’ll never find a place like Penn State!


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