A Penn State Senior’s Advice to High School Seniors

Mannino.CollegeAdviceYouWishYouHad1As the year comes to a close and the senior class is nearing graduation, we prepare ourselves to welcome the many soon-to-be college freshmen into our Happy Valley family. We tracked down a few graduating seniors and found out what advice they have for the class of 2018.

1. Do not wear your student ID card and room key on a lanyard around your neck.

Why, this is the easiest way to spot a freshman and people WILL make jokes about you.

2. Take it easy your first semester and start off with a high GPA.

Instead of diving right into your  major classes, take a step back and explore the possibilities that are college.  If you take on too much your first semester and get a lower than expected GPA it is even more difficult to bring it back up.

3. Get involved in THON.

Whether you are in an organization or on a committee, getting involved in the world’s largest student-run philanthropy is an amazing experience. Over 15,000 students agree.

4. Read what your professors tell you to read. 

Instead of cramming in eight chapters of readings the day before your exam, save yourself the trouble and read what your professor says you should read when they tell you to read it.

5. Get to know the people on your floor early on.

Odds are they are as nervous as you are, but who knows, you might hit it off and live with them down the road.

6. Have a slice of Canyon Pizza.

Every Penn Stater should eat a slice of Canyon, not necessarily for the taste but for the experience. Where else can you get a late night slice for $1?

7. Remember that college happens outside of a classroom.

We are students first, but you should always take the opportunities that college throws your way. Hang out with your floormates on Old Main lawn and throw a football around.

8. Always have a winter coat on hand.

State College weather is always unpredictable and winter can start here are early as October. Save yourself the frostbite and throw a warm coat in your closet.

9. Savor every second.

You might be here for three years or seven years, but no matter the length of your stay, your Penn State career will fly by.  Soak it all in.

10. Get ready!

You are about to attend the best university in the entire world. WE ARE!

Photo by Gabrielle Mannino

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