The Stages of Realizing You’re a Senior

This semester, for the first time in my college career, I didn’t have final exams. The crazy part: I found myself wishing I had them. Junior year comes and goes way too fast, and then everybody starts referring to you as something you never wanted to be: a senior.


The first stage in realizing you’re a college senior is usually denial. As in, when people start reminding you that senior year is right around the corner, you ignore them and reiterate for the hundredth time that you are still a junior.


How is it even possible for three years to go that fast? Weren’t you living in East Halls, like, last week?


Next comes avoidance. If you put off doing that last homework assignment that’s technically not due until the Monday after finals, then you’re still a junior, right? In your mind, you’re really not a senior until you step foot on campus next fall.


Beating yourself up over not stretching out your credits to span five years feels reasonable at this point. Even regretting that you didn’t purposely fail your classes so you could stay another year feels reasonable at this point.


At some point along the way, you may actually find yourself getting excited for senior year. All your friends are finally 21, your course load is a little lighter, and you still have another great year left in the happiest of valleys.