15 Things We Will Miss Being Away from PSU this Summer

Photo by Kristen Robertson

We all “hip” and “hoorah” for summer being just a couple weeks away, but that also means we are a couple weeks away from saying goodbye to Penn State for a few months.

School can certainly take its toll on us throughout the year, but we never fail to be #PennStateProud. Why do we love it here so much? Maybe it’s the football games. Maybe it’s the friends we have. Or maybe it’s the school spirit that runs through everyone’s veins each day here in State College.

Yes, we are all sad to go.

As a reminder before we leave, here are 15 things that we are sure to miss about our beloved university

1. Being able to buy anything you could possibly think of with a Penn State logo on it. Penn State fly swatter? Penn State perfume? Try Lion’s Pride.

2. The non-existent silence that is supposed to occur during the nighttime. We’ve all gotten used to falling asleep to the sweet hum of obnoxiously loud partygoers. Even on Mondays.

3. Being fearful for your life when the bikers are out.

4. The Willard Preacher and his red hoodie, winning arguments left and right.

5. Dodging vomit piles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

6. 8 a.m.’s.

7. Awesome weather. It’s never overcast here. Ever.  (JK) Oh, and it snows in April.

For the days when it’s the little things that get us by

8. $1 pizza at 2 a.m. Thank you Canyon.

9. While we’re at it- Wings Over. Enough said.

10. Penn State squirrels. And friendly ones at that.

11. Yelling “PENN STATE” at people wearing shirts that say “WE ARE,” just to startle them.

But most of all, we will miss

12. Standing together at football games.

13. Late nights with our best friends.

14. Working hard all year For The Kids.

15. Making memories that will last forever.

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