No Hair, But She Really Doesn’t Care

Photo by Kayleigh Barber

Less than a week out from THON, Penn Staters are already starting to show cancer that it cannot break our Happy Valley spirit. Evolve Studios in downtown State College hosted their annual “No Hair Don’t Care” event to raise money for THON. For only $10 in exchange for a shaved head, participants can stand in solidarity with the kids who lose their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

“It’s a great kickoff for the week before THON,” said Casey Weaver, a member of the Public Relations Committee for THON.

The salon was packed with eager participants who formed a line all the way from the back of the salon to the front door. The hair dressers were full of excitement for the event, dancing to the bubbly techno-dance music, taking pictures and giving piggy-back rides to each other. THON volunteers at the front desk were feverishly trying to register and sign in all of the participants.

Typically, the majority of participants are male. This year, Emily Donahue, a junior majoring in wildlife and fisheries, decided to  donate to the cause and stood at the head of the line of men. There was nothing but smiles on her face as her pixie cut turned into a buzz cut.

Not a stranger to hair donation, Donahue had donated 12 inches of her hair two years ago to make wigs for cancer patients. This was the first time however that she will be sporting a shaved head. This is the year for her to do it though, as she will be a dancer in THON.

“I am extremely excited” said Donahue. As a member of the outing club’s THON organization, Donahue has been involved with THON since her sophomore year. Her org’s THON child is a 13-year cancer survivor and Donahue says she is dancing in honor of her bravery and persistence in beating cancer.

As for the No Hair, Don’t Care, Donahue said, “I shaved my head in support of her, and for all survivors, and in memory of all those who have passed.”

“It’s nice to see students stand in solidarity for kids with cancer,” said Sydney Failor, a member of the Public Relations Committee for THON.

Just before Donahue’s new ‘do was finished, the hairdresser delicately used her shaved in the Four Diamonds logo and a big FTK across the back of her head. After all, it is For the Kids.

The finished product! | Photo by Kayleigh Barber

The finished product! | Photo by Kayleigh Barber