Buy This, Not That: THON 2016 Edition

Photo by Vivian Lin

With THON 2016 right around the corner, Valley knows you’re stocking up on all the essentials — from baby powder to tutus to neon tank tops. It can be tempting to walk into McLanahan’s and buy everything in sight, but this year, Valley has some tips to help you narrow down your THON 2016 shopping list.

BUY THIS: Fanny Pack
NOT THAT: Backpack

The Bryce Jordan Center always has a strict bag policy and this year, if your bag can’t fit under your seat in the stand, you won’t be able to bring it in. Instead of dealing with an uncomfortable bulky backpack all weekend, buy a fanny pack that can hold all of the essentials. It won’t weigh you down and with an endless variety of patterned packs available downtown, you can add a pop of color to your outfit.

BUY THIS: Refillable water bottle
NOT THAT: Plastic water bottles

This year, you will not be able to bring in any bottles of liquid with a broken seal. Instead of buying a 12-pack of plastic water bottles, bring an empty, refillable plastic water bottle. This way, you can refill it throughout the weekend at the BJC and you don’t have to worry about getting turned away at the door.

BUY THIS: High socks
NOT THAT: Ankle socks

Sneakers can get uncomfortable after standing on your feet for hours on end. Lessen the pain of sneakers rubbing against your ankles by buying packs of higher socks. They will protect your skin and definitely look cooler than boring white ankle socks, so it’s a win-win situation.

BUY THIS: Tennis Balls
NOT THAT: Massage Rollers

If you’re lucky, you might even have some tennis balls lying around. Trust us on this one —  you don’t need to spend money and buy yourself a fancy massage roller. Tennis balls will undoubtedly do the trick. Just roll them around with the bottoms of your feet when they start to ache. But, try to wait until later in the weekend to use them or you won’t want to stop!

We’re hoping this helped, but don’t stress too much about what you buy for THON weekend. It’ll be an amazing experience no matter what is on your THON 2016 shopping list.


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