Weighing In: The Nicholas Sparks Movie Workout

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With the winter season creeping in, curling up on the couch and watching a movie is the best way to combat the cold months. Try this easy workout to feel way less guilty about a movie marathon.

Whether you willingly admit it or not, Nicholas Sparks movies are every girl’s guilty pleasure. This season, try this Nicholas Sparks movie workout so you’re looking good and feeling fit when you finally find the Noah to your Allie!

Do 10 crunches if the movie takes place down south.

This includes almost any Nicolas Sparks movie, so get crunching!

Do 20 jumping jacks when the love interests meet.

Before your heart starts to melt because the characters just met their soul mate, get up and start jumping.

Do 1 minute plank when someone cries, whether it is out of happiness or sadness.

You will probably be crying too, but because of the movie and the minute plank.


Do 3 pushups when the couple is unrealistically good looking.


Do 5 jumping jacks for each kissing scene.

You will probably be on your feet for a majority of the movie with this workout.


Do 1 minute plank if a parent/family member doesn’t approve of the boyfriend/girlfriend.

This includes Allie’s family from The Notebook and Will’s family from The Last Song.

Do 10 squats if someone becomes deathly ill.

This occurs in almost every Nicholas Sparks movie, and even though we see it coming, we still cry every time.

Do 10 crunches when there is a kissing scene in the rain. 

For this one, do an extra 5 if it’s Dear John.


Do 10 pushups when the couple fights or breaks up.

Just before you are about to lose all hope of ever finding love, do some pushups to keep the dream alive.

Do 5 pushups if there’s a boat scene.

Because drifting along on a romantic boat ride is super common— right?


Do 5 crunches when the couple gets back together.

Sometimes the ending of a Nichols Sparks movie can take you by surprise. If the couple ends up together, rejoice and get crunching!

Enjoy your movie day and good luck with this workout!