Going to Chipotle as Told by The Office

Chipotle is hands down the chips and guac champion of State College. Despite numerous Mexican restaurants opening over the years, nothing can draw the students away. Even after a recent E Coli outbreak caused store closings in Washington and Oregon, people continue to flock to Heister Street daily to satisfy their burrito bowl cravings. So, we thought it was time to pay tribute to the Mexican grill madness with the cast of The Office.

1. When your friends ask you if you want to get Chipotle for lunch
YES YES YESYES Dwight karate
2. When you text your friends to see if they want to get Chipotle, but they never respond
dwight high fiving himself in car with michael
3.When someone asks, “Didn’t you just have Chipotle yesterday?” and you have to lie
Dwight Maybe
4.When you know that E Coli is bad, but you love Chipotle too much to stop going
Stanley saying I'm going to die
5.When you’re lazy, but Chipotle doesn’t deliver so you end up going in your pajamas
Pam REAL i just want to eat
6.When you get there and look through the front doors to see how long the line is
Michael creepily staring at the food
7.When the line runs all the way out the door
Dwight We Need a new plague
8. When the person behind you talks about how hungry they are
you think you're excited? You should feel my nipples
9. When you overhear the person in front of you talking about how wild their night was
Michael makes a face and puts his chin in his hands
10.When it’s your turn to order but you’re not sure what you want yet
Your first time at chipotle
11.When you ask for double meat
Kelly looking glamorous
12.When the person in front of you asks for extras of everything
Stanley REAL you are not special
13.When someone orders a salad… or tacos
that's obviously nonsense... nonsense (WHEN SOMEONE ORDERS A SALAD)
14.When the kitchen brings out a fresh pan of beans
Kevin spills chili
15.When you treat yourself to chips and guac even when you’re broke
Michael REAL beyonce
16.When the cashier forgets to charge you extra
Michael sprays champagne on erin
17.When your meal is so beautiful you have to take picture
When You Instagram Your Bowl
18.When you finish eating and suddenly realize you are too full to be wearing pants
Dwight gets undressed in front of Micheal
19. When you pretend not to know how many calories you just consumed
I'm running away from my responsibilities
20.An hour later when you realize you’re hungry again
REAL ice cream



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