Weighing In: CHAARG’s Official Debut at PSU

C.H.A.A.R.G. – Changing health, attitudes, and actions to recreate girls.

CHAARG is an organization aimed at encouraging girls to get active, have fun, and gain a support system in and out of the gym. The program challenges girls to hop off the elliptical and try new workouts weekly.

Started at Ohio State University a few years ago, the CHAARG community grows each and every day, with chapters now established at 18 universities, including Penn State; thanks to President Alyssa Ardolino, Nutrition and Dietetics major.

“Penn State didn’t have a chapter, but I was really passionate about it so I knew it was something I wanted to bring here,” says Ardolino.

The process took almost two years to complete, but it was well worth the wait.

“ When I was applying for CHAARG, there were four girls who knew what CHAARG was at Penn State. The hardest part was getting the word out. I knew it was something girls would be interested in,” says Ardolino.

Now the chapter at PSU has 164 girls and counting. It has only been official here since the start of the semester.

“We meet once a week as a big group, where we try a different themed workout weekly like ballaerobics or circuit training. We have small groups once a week where we do workouts from our incredible CHAARG spring break fit plan program. Then usually on weekends we do something fun like kick boxing  or cycling. Most of us meet up to workout or do yoga during the week as well!”  says Christy Carfagno, a sophomore sociology major, fitness enthusiast, and new member of CHAARG.

For those who are hesitant in joining because they don’t feel “fit” enough- fear not.

“I get a lot of girls who are nervous about how athletic they need to be in order to join. There are girls who have never ran a mile, who have never touched a dumbbell. Then there are girls who have ran a marathon or can lift. Honestly it doesn’t matter where you are fitness wise, because everyone is so different, and I think that’s one of the most valuable parts of CHAARG,” says Ardolino.

Your workout routine is in for a big change with CHAARG. With all the different workouts and types of exercise available, your gym routine will never be monotonous or boring. What could be better than having a killer workout with your friends in a welcoming environment?

“Everyone is so nice; everyone empowers each other instead of competing with each other,” says Ardolino when asked about the attitude of girls in the organization.

“All of the girls in CHAARG have an incredible mindset. Regardless of their level of fitness, they’re progressive in their thinking and are so open to trying new workouts and in welcoming new members. The positivity is contagious and together we create a highly motivational environment for each other,” says Carfagno.

If you are interested in joining the movement, sign up on CHAARG.com. Get up, get moving, and get off that elliptical!


Photo courtesy of Lindsey Hutterer


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