Weighing In: Getting Spring Break Ready

Spring break is right around the corner and although all of our brains are more than ready for a break, our bodies might not be. We’ve all been there: realizing it’s almost time to leave for your vacation and you’re not exactly bikini bod ready. Don’t panic yet; Valley’s got some tips to help you hit the beach with confidence this spring break.

Dr. Danielle Symons Downs, Associate Professor of Kinesiology here at Penn State, says that standard weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week, so it is possible to drop a few pounds before spring break.

“Weight loss is about energy balance, so it’s a combination of exercising more and eating less,” Downs says. She recommends replacing foods high in calories, sugar and fat with foods high in water such as fruits, veggies and low-fat soups. Cutting down on the salt and alcohol can also help you to feel and look less bloated fairly quickly.

Down also emphasizes how important exercising is when trying to lose weight. “Exercising a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise is the best plan to manage weight and prevent weight regain,” Down says. She recommends combining interval training, aerobic training and resistance training for maximum benefits.

“Starting to exercise and eat better today is always beneficial,” Downs says. However, she does point out that although you can drop a few pounds a week, there’s no real quick fix. “Most people will feel better in two weeks and if they sustain their eating and exercise plans, they’ll feel better in the long run as well.”

Losing weight is great, but the best tip to feeling great on the beach is being confident in yourself. College spring break only comes around a few times, so focus less on your weight and more on enjoying yourself with your friends. Spring break is for having fun, not for stressing about how you look.



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