Surviving the PSU Plague

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If you are a Penn State student chances are you have fallen victim to the cough, sneeze and headache that is the PSU plague, AKA the PSFlu. With classes, homework and four home games in a row, it is really hard for a sick individual to properly take care of their health while at school. There are enough complications with prescribed medicine or getting a doctor’s appointment, but VALLEY has some different, more natural approaches when it comes to getting you back to your healthy self.

Lavender for Headaches

If your head is pounding and you feel a migraine coming on, you might want to grab your nearest lavender essential oil. Lavender is correlated with stress relief and relaxation. Whether you’re breathing in the oil, rolling the oil on your temple or running a bath with it soaking in the water, the lavender will help to ease some tension built up into your head.

Amazon has great lavender essential oils listed on their website, available in bulk or sample size if you want to give it a try. Prices range between about $5-$15 on average.

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Peppermint for Congestion

Another popular essential oil that is good for not only your soul but also your health is peppermint. The menthol that is contained in peppermint oils acts as a decongestant and can reduce fevers. The minty, sharp scent helps to clear airways while also fighting bacteria. Breathing in some of the oil by diluting it in boiling water is an effective and organic technique you can utilize in order to kiss your stuffy nose goodbye.

Along with Amazon, Target also carries a few leading essential oil brands such as Nature’s Truth and their own brand Everspring. So, if anyone is feeling congested, the quick trip to the Target on Beaver Avenue could be a quick fix.

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Vitamin D for Immune Health

Vitamin D can be a great supplement to add to your everyday diet, with its ability to help normalize one’s immune system. Vitamin D can help to fight off specific diseases like multiple sclerosis and decrease the likelihood of the development of heart disease. Considering it is proven to have a positive, strengthening effect on the immune system, it can help to fight against general infections of the body, which could definitely be needed in these infectious times.

The most natural way to obtain vitamin D is to be outside in the sun, but as the cold weather quickly creeps up on State College, vitamin D gummies are a great way to get this extra strength. There are tons of different vitamin brands that carry vitamin D supplements, like Vitafusion and OLLY, which Target carries. Urban Outfitters even sells vitamin D OLLY gummy worm supplements for $22, so the options to take the natural route to health are very attainable here at school.

Get Well Soon
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No matter what natural, oil-infused treatment you choose to take care of yourself, it is very important to prioritize your health for your own well-being. Being sick at school can be very exhausting for one’s mind and body, so VALLEY is happy to give you these tips and tricks to help keep you healthy and active.


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