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TikTok in today’s age has become a source of inspiration for many things. There have been multiple tutorials and inspirations for all things fashion, sports, comedy and beauty. The latest in these beauty inspirations have come from the art of graphic eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner is a special type of eyeliner created by executing more than a cat eye or emphasization of the eyeliner.

In graphic eyeliner, an artist can create a detailed image of anything they desire in the shape or form of eyeliner. Most graphic eyeliner examples can span across moons, hearts, stars or even strokes of bold, bright colors. However, the most popular shape or graphic that has been trending on TikTok as of late has been graphic butterfly eyeliner.

Butterfly eyeliner is how it is described. It is the graphic of butterfly wings as the eyeliner for the eyes and has an added pop of color that accentuates the look as well. Even though it has been briefly introduced earlier this year and late last year, it is making a comeback along with the revival of graphic eyeliner altogether. Butterfly graphic eyeliner is a look that can be used for a night out or simply used to make a bold statement. 

VALLEY will be breaking down the specific steps to achieve this bold look!

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How To Achieve Butterfly Eyeliner

1. First, it is important to find the shape of the butterfly wing that you want. You can choose to make the wing only on the upper lid, on the lower lid or both. Regardless, to not have any errors in drawing your graphic liner you should sketch out the wings with a white eye pencil. This will help you get an idea of what you want the shape to be and it will help make the graphic eyeliner pop. Celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker suggests starting off with “the shape of an elongated cat eye by extending outward and then round off the bottom of the line to create the look of the wings.”

2. Next, after you are satisfied with the basic outline of the butterfly wings, then go in with a black liner to fill in the sketch that you have made. If you want a more bold look with more color, then fill in the white sketch with a vibrant-colored eyeliner. For best results, use a gel or liquid eyeliner for this step.

3. For the next part, you can add color from eyeshadow to build up the color and style for the wings. VALLEY recommends using a pigmented eyeshadow palette to achieve the best results.

4. To finish the look, you can add little white dots along the wings to contribute to the ethereal effect with a white liquid eyeliner.

5. Now finish the look with any other makeup you want to apply, add setting spray and voila! Now you have a graphic butterfly eyeliner look!

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