TRESemmé Class Action Lawsuit: Save Your Hair

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According to recent news, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer of TRESemmé hair products due to harmful chemicals being used in their ingredients. The lawsuit was filed when two women, Robyn Lipetz and Shannon Keener, claimed they have suffered hair loss and painful scalp burns from the TRESemmé keratin shampoo and conditioner. One of the same chemicals found in TRESemmé’s products is also known to potentially cause cancer. With that being said, VALLEY finds it crucial that we take a look at these ingredients so we know exactly what products to stay away from.

It seems that the main ingredient to stay away from while shopping for hair products is DMDM hydantoin. This chemical is a formaldehyde donor which is known to slowly leach formaldehyde when coming into contact with water. This process can cause harmful reactions to the skin such as burning, irritation and hair loss. This chemical reaction can also cause cancer. Linked is an in-depth Facebook post, as well as a list of other popular hair products that contain DMDM hydantoin.

The list above contains an ample amount of products to stay away from, but some of the most popular brands that VALLEY noticed are obviously TRESemmé followed by Neutrogena, AXE, Nexxus, Coconut Miracle Oil, Suave, Dove, Bed Head and Sun Bum. If you see your product listed here it may be best to substitute it out for a product that does not contain DMDM. Here is a list of hair products that are DMDM-free.

Additionally, it is important to note that some brands may disguise these chemicals listed in the ingredients, using complicated wording that many people would not understand. This is a list of ingredients to look out for and avoid if you see them on the back of a bottle.

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VALLEY also found this useful video that goes into depth regarding DMDM hydantoin use in products. This video talks a lot about how dosage is important and how everyone may have different reactions which could explain why some people have never experienced the side effects that others have complained about.

Let VALLEY know if you find any new products that DMDM-free! With this new knowledge, VALLEY hopes you are more mindful with the products you put on your body!


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