How To Achieve The Ultimate Blowout

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Let’s face it— there’s no better confidence boost than coming out of the salon with fresh, voluminous hair after receiving a blowout.

Blowouts have become very popular this past year, as seen on Tik Tok with millions of tutorials but you may wonder—what technically is a blowout? According to The Dry Bar, it is the drying of hair after washing it to give it a sleek, smooth style without curling it or use of a flat iron. The real struggle is trying to maintain it that way by yourself since no one desires flat, limp hair, and getting it professionally done can become very pricey. 

Lucky for you, VALLEY has gathered some easy tips along with affordable tools to achieve that perfect blowout without having to pay salon price. 

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Step 1: Take a shower and dry off 

Since blowouts are typically done on wet hair, it is best to wait until your hair is damp to start styling it. VALLEY recommends using a hair towel to quicken the air dry process. The Turbie Twist hair towel fits all head sizes and has very absorbent microfibers which dries the hair faster. 

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This product retails for $12.99 and can be found here. 

Step 2: Use a Volumizing Spray 

Once your hair is closer to dry, spray in the John Frieda Volume Lift Fine To Full Blow-Out Spray to give a natural look of volume. The use any wide tooth comb or brush can evenly distribute it from the root to tip which will help create shape and body for your hair. 

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This product retails for $11.99 and can be found here. 

Step 3: Spray in that heat protection!

Heat protection is a MUST when using any sort of heat on your hair. Aussie Total Miracle Heat Protecting Spray is a great option to help avoid damaging your hair from friction and heat at a low cost.

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This product retails for $4.99 and can be found here. 

Step 4: Section Your Hair

Although this step may not seem necessary, sectioning your hair makes it easier to focus on one area at a time. It is important to always leave the top of your head last so it can create the most volume. By sectioning your hair, it will be easier to manage going from the bottom to top. VALLEY suggests Kristin Ess Do-It All Sectioning Clips because these prevent creasing and can hold all hair types. 

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This product retails for $6.00 and can be found here. 

Step 5: Time to bring in the heat 

Instead of struggling to hold a brush and a blow dryer at the same time, an all-in-one hairdryer is just the trick. Not only does it eliminate having to balance everything, but also saves some of the cost. 

The Revlon Hair Revlon Pro Collection Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer brush is the key to success to achieve the ultimate blowout. Start from the bottom sectioned off part of your hair. Take the hairdryer to the root and work your way down to the end of your hair. While you are at the end of the piece, twist the ends in a spiral motion to ensure keeping some body and shape. If you are looking for more shape at the ends, place a hair roller with a bobby pin and let it sit for 30 minutes.  

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This product retails for $59.99 but can be found here on sale for $39.99. 

For that more curly look, an option of curlers to hold the hair can be found here.

If you try any of these products out, let us know what you think! Just tag @VALLEYmag on Instagram and Twitter. 


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