VALLEY’s Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair

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We have all faced that itch to create a new look for yourself. Whether its hair, makeup or clothes, switching up your style can be the key to a new confidence boost. For some of us, making a trip to the salon can be too expensive or even anxiety-inducing.

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This VALLEY guide will offer you steps and products that will save you that emergency correcting trip to the hairdresser.

*Please note that this tutorial will work best for straight or semi wavy hair

What you’ll need

All of the necessary products can be found on Amazon for fairly decent prices.

  • hairdryer
  • straightener
  • comb
  • brush
  • hair elastics
  • hair clips
  • hair scissors
What you’ll do
  1. Blow-dry and straighten your hair
  2. Brush through hair until completely untangled
  3. Separate your hair into two sections by combing a straight line down the middle all the way to the back
  4. From the highest point on your head, separate either section in half by taking your comb and following it down just behind your ear
  5. Repeat step four on the other side
  6. Clip the back two sections separately and bring the front two pieces over your shoulder
  7. Take an elastic to a front section and tie it into the hair about where you want to cut it. Make sure you don’t pull the hair forward, but place it by the side of your shoulder
  8. Do the same to your other front section
  9. Tie your back sections while laying the hair flat along your back
  10. When you’re ready, point cut the edges of your hair below the elastic. This means cutting into the hair rather than straight across
  11. Cut a little bit off at a time
  12. Do the same to your front and back sections
  13. Pull out your elastics
  14. Comb the front sections together and point cut to correct any bows or bends
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Snap a pic and enjoy! If you try out this tutorial feel free to tag us on Instagram @valleymag.

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