Travis Scott’s Cheating Allegations on Girlfriend Kylie Jenner

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Another day, another Hollywood cheating scandal. Recently, Travis Scott allegedly was caught cheating on Kylie Jenner with another girl. 

The other woman is Roejean Kar but goes by Yung Sweet Ro. She allegedly has known the rapper for over a decade as she has been reportedly Travis Scott’s on-again-off-again girlfriend while in a public relationship with Kylie Jenner.

The 26-year-old mystery girl has known Travis since back in 2013 when a picture of the two hugging a teddy bear resurfaced. 

TikTok users have speculated a whole thread about whether all this information is accurate or not, but a lot of scenarios have been lining up picture-wise. However, there is a conspiracy that Yung Sweet Ro faked the pictures to post them at times to make it look like she was sneaking around with the rapper. 

More popular photos of the two secret love birds that fans put together were during a ski trip where they posted both in a four-day span in January. Another one was in a casino that showed similar backgrounds. 

The tea does not stop there – people put together that Yung Sweet Ro and Travis Scott have matching rings with each other. In pictures, you see the two always wearing the same jewelry pieces, as if signifying a promise ring. Even in Scott’s song called “Sweet Sweet,” the original lyrics had Ro’s name in it but were later changed to coco instead of ro-ro. 

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Travis Scott posted an Instagram story of text claiming he never knew who this girl was. This made Yung Sweet Ro post multiple Instagram story videos of her calling out the situation. She even posted a screenshot of Kylie Jenner blocking her before any of the speculations surfaced. 

While this was occurring, Yung Sweet Ro posted an Instagram caption saying:

Tell her to be me for Halloween since she wants you to love her so bad

Posted on Instagram from @yungsweetro
Photo posted by @yungsweetro on Instagram

People then started to compare Yung Sweet Ro features to Kylie Jenners, poking fun that she was her plastic surgery inspiration. 

Jenner has yet to make a statement about the recent allegations but a day after they surfaced, she posted a very spicy photo shoot. This made people believe it was a clap back to the cheating speculations. 

Do you believe Yung Sweet Ro and Travis Scott have been privately dating while he had a public relationship with Kylie Jenner? Let us know what your theory is by tagging @VALLEYMag on Instagram and Twitter! 


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