Celebrities, They Eat Just Like Us!

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Brad Pitt eating pizza? Will wonders never cease!

In a series of amusing PR moves, celebrities have been enlisted to detail the absolute ins and outs of their diets. While some have posted their own videos to social media, others have been interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar to talk through their eating habits from breakfast to dinner.

How has the food a public figure eats become an angle for relatability? What is it about take-out or snacks that send media outlets into a frenzy? While “What I Eat in a Day” video diaries are fairly new to platforms like TikTok, these bite-sized insights are another way that fans can mimic their favorite celebs’ lifestyles.

Diet Culture

Grocery store checkout shelves have been stocked with them for decades. While arguably less extreme today (due to a series of backlash and lawsuits), early 2000s tabloids were inundated with language criticizing celebrities about their bodies. The public was encouraged to speculate on the weight of famous people, regardless of what those people had to say about their own health. Celebrities bodies, and what went into them, were national news. 

Cover by People Magazine, 4 September 2000
Harper’s Bazaar Food Diaries

Today, keeping with the social dialogue of the times, discussions surrounding celebrity’s diets are considerably less hostile.  Instead of stories being written about them, celebrities have been given more agency to give exclusives on their day-to-day habits. For Harper’s Bazaar, Emma Chamberlain said this about what she eats: “If it’s in front of me, you best believe that I’m going to eat a lot of it.”

In the comments, people celebrated Emma Chamberlain over what food she talked about in the video, which included starting her day with her brand, Chamberlain Coffee. Chamberlain was raised vegetarian and continues to integrate that into her life now.

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Dietician Reacts

The tone set by Abbey Sharp (@abbeyskitchen) on TikTok is a sharp contrast to other diet reviewers on TikTok. Nearly every video she posts that duets another creator starts by looking at the food, not the person. On one particular duet, she called out phrases like “let’s binge together,” pointing out that such terms only seem to be worthy of likes and comments when the person doing the “binging” is thin. “There’s nothing wrong with eating any of these foods. Chocolate, Burger King, cheese puffs…whatever,” Sharp said. Sharp also reminds her viewers that what we see people eat online is just a snippet of reality. 

Food for thought
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The next time a media outlet makes a story over “Just 17 Photos of Celebrities Eating Fast Food“, because “no one can resist the allure of french fries,” maybe we can re-examine what has made us constantly check each other on what we are using to fuel our bodies. No matter what is being portrayed as quirky or out of the box, your body is always worthy of the love, support and sustenance it needs.

Which of your favorite celebrities diets do you think we should re-examine? Tweet us @VALLEYMag and let us know what your thoughts on your favorite celebrities eating habits!


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