Bringing Skinny Back: The Kardashians Usher in a New Era with Slimmer Physiques

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From body-con dresses and sharply contoured cheeks to neutral athleisure (preferably SKIMS), the Kardashians say jump and everyone asks, how high? It’s no secret this ubiquitous family influences most pop culture trends from fashion, health, beauty and beyond, which is perhaps why the ideal body type shifted back to a curvy, hourglass figure in the early 2010s. A little over a decade later, however, the sisters have been focusing on health and fitness, dropping pounds and allegedly their BBLs, to sport leaner figures reminiscent of the 90s.  

Khloé’s Transformation

In early 2021, Khloé noticeably began to lose weight and tone her figure. She was very open about how she changed her diet and hired a personal trainer to plan her workouts — which are commonly documented on “The Kardashians”, their revamped reality series on Hulu. Khloé discussed in an interview with Variety how her desire to lose weight stemmed from the media’s constant critique and comparison of her body to her sisters. Her decision to make a change followed the birth of her daughter, True. She makes it clear her newfound look is one rooted in body acceptance, and she is a steadfast supporter of all shapes and sizes, which is apparent by her inclusive denim brand, Good American. Regardless of her sincere approach, Khloé’s more slender frame has drawn some adverse attention to the dangers of giving in to societal pressure and rapid weight loss.

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Kim Follows Suit

Older sister, Kim Kardashian, the true icon of an hourglass silhouette, tells a different story in terms of how she came to don a new bod. In an interview with the Today show, she described how her need to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s gown for the Met Gala spurred her weight loss journey.

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She faced plenty of backlash for losing 16 pounds in a few weeks, however she claimed the healthier diet offered more energy and made her realize the amount of fried and processed food she was consuming. While Kim planned on maintaining that weight, she appears to be getting thinner and thinner, raising concerns about the message she is sending to her fans who found confidence through her curves. Whether Kim likes it or not, her actions carry a lot of sway, and the trend she is setting will likely bring about a negative impact.

What This Means for the Future of Cosmetic Procedures

It is difficult to say what this change in the Kardashian’s figures, and inevitably the next trending look, will mean for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. While Khloé claims to only have gotten a nose job and Kim some botox between her brows, their plumped-up pouts and fox-eyed looks have undoubtedly been a catalyst to the rise of facial injections. Not to mention, plastic surgery in terms of breast implants and BBLs could also be up for expiration as critics claim the sisters have either gotten their injections removed, or more likely stopped getting the lift topped off. 

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No matter what lays ahead for the Kardashians, it is important to remember that your body is always in! Trends and fads will come and go, but the importance of nourishing and taking care of yourself is always here to stay.



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