The Kardashian’s Hulu Takeover

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Those who argue that the Super Bowl is the largest night of the year for television have obviously not been anxiously awaiting the Kardashian’s return to the big screen. If you prefer displays of extreme wealth and Insta baddie superiority over good sportsmanship and athleticism then you’ve found your place!

After season 20 of the hit reality TV show that changed the course of fashion and pop culture,” Keeping Up With The Kardashians” aired its final episode on E! network on June 10 2021. Some shed tears, others scrolled “deuxmoi” for insider details but most knew this would not be the last we were seeing of the Kardashian Family. And we were right! 

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Nothing done by the well-manicured hands of Kris Jenner lacks her signature girl bossery-mystique, including this. Soon after the show ended, talks of a new show began to circulate and alas the people of the internet were fed with “The Kardashians” now streaming on Hulu. But before practically- the same exact show could air on a different platform the publicity plot needed something else. And what could that be other than an insider’s look to the most heavily publicized lives on the internet?

Depending on what content you’ve seen of the various family members, you may be wondering how we could get any more inside of a look than we’ve already had. All that and more is discussed in the new release, The Kardashians — An ABC News Special. 

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Robin Roberts sits down with Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe to discuss more than just their latest boyfriends and designer outfits (don’t worry details on both are still divulged at great lengths.) Together they explore not only how they themselves handle living in the spotlight, Kim emphasizes she’s always “loved the fame”, but also how the new generation of Kardashian children handle it as well. This inside look does not only provide the Kardashian content we’ve been yearning for but also gives us all a chance to view the family from a different perspective.

We all love to mock the influencers we secretly, and openly, envy but this sit-down interview, which includes early footage from their first show, is rawer than the usual LA salad munching that we’re used to. VALLEY definitely recommends giving the 42-minute special a watch before beginning/judging the new series now streaming a new episode each on Hulu.

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