The Zodiacs as Thanksgiving Foods

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It’s finally here! Arguably one of the best holidays for feasting, Thanksgiving day is upon us. At last, it’s time to enjoy the coveted holiday dishes that come just once or twice a year. Whether you’re a casserole connoisseur or a die-hard dessert devourer, there’s room for everyone at our table. Have a seat while we unpack the zodiac signs and the Thanksgiving classics that best describe them. 

Aries: Festive Drink

This sign loves to be the center of attention — the life of the party. They tend to be highly competitive and love to prove themselves to others. Aries find the spotlight wherever they go and are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet. A festive party drink or seasonal cocktail does just the same.

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Taurus: Dinner Rolls

Known for being reliable, patient and dependable, Tauruses are the comforting type that just about everyone gets along with. They may not be the flashiest or the center of attention, but you can’t go wrong with them. Dinner rolls bring the same comfort and consistency in the form of warm, flaky goodness. 

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Gemini: Stuffing

Geminis are charismatic and humorous, dynamic and complex. No two are ever the same, and you can expect just that from a dish like stuffing. Everyone makes theirs differently, but each can be appreciated for their uniqueness. The possibilities are endless, making this sign all the more intriguing. 

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Cancer: Green Bean Casserole

This sign is intuitive and is so much more than what they appear to be on the surface. They can also be somewhat drawn to routines and stability. Green bean casserole, though it’s not for everyone, usually follows the same recipe no matter who’s making it. But like a Cancer, it delivers so much more flavor and flair than what a lot of people expect.

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Leo: Mac & Cheese

Leos are known for being creative and ambitious, with a huge personality. Admittedly, mac and cheese isn’t always a staple on all Thanksgiving tables. But when it’s included, it sure does pack a punch. It’s luxurious, a bit unexpected and is sure to stand out, leaving guests both pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

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Virgo: Turkey

Oh, Virgo! Known as the practical perfectionist, this sign is detail-oriented and craves acknowledgement for their contributions. They have good intentions and love to feel useful to others. Turkey is usually the star of the show, which is why it’s crucial for it to be prepared to perfection. A perfect turkey is sure to receive endless praise for its role in creating the Thanksgiving meal of everyone’s dreams.

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Libra: Apple Pie & Ice Cream

Libras are the epitome of people pleasers. They’re also known for their desirable aesthetics and indecisiveness. These traits can certainly come at a cost, but fundamentally they can bring harmony and happiness to all. Apple pie with ice cream — a perfect blend of warm pie with cold ice cream — is a crowd favorite that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. 

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Scorpio: Gravy

This sign is full of surprises. They’re generally pretty popular and like to make their presence known. Most people either love this sign or hate it; there’s no in-between. Gravy is either poured over your entire plate or is completely missing. Love it or hate it, it’s savory and complex which only adds to its Scorpio-like mysteriousness.

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Sagittarius: Sweet Potato Casserole

Known for being especially friendly and extroverted, Sagittarius is most like sweet potato casserole. They’re spontaneous and sweet and not afraid to be a little adventurous, too. It’s the perfect blend of savory and sweet, sure to bring a fun element to any holiday feast. 

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Capricorn: Mashed Potatoes

Capricorns are highly motivated and persistent, yet patient. They’re wise beyond their years and are extremely self-sufficient. Mashed potatoes encompass their loyalty and consistency better than any other side dish. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love fluffy mashed potatoes? You can always count on them to deliver, no matter what.

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Aquarius: Cranberry Sauce

An Aquarius is anything but boring. They’re creative and always striving to do something unexpected and outside of the box. What’s a better representative of their personality than cranberry sauce? Some people love it, while others could be happy without it. This doesn’t stop an Aquarius from standing out and setting itself apart from the crowd.

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Pisces: Pumpkin Pie

This sign is notorious for being the dreamer. They’re down to earth with their head in the clouds and are very compassionate. Nothing says comfort like a slice of pumpkin pie. It’s a spiced staple sure to bring back memories of friends, family and everything you’re thankful for.

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