The Single Girls of State: Full Circle

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 I have been writing this column for four months now! As this semester draws to a close, it only feels right to share the greatest lessons I have learned since starting this public documentation of my dating life. The Single Girls of State has been a wild ride, so let’s recap season one!

Last night, my roommate Miranda and I went for dinner. In keeping with tradition, we discussed how much has changed since we stumbled into My Thai in January (where The Single Girls of State was born). Miranda was telling me about her new love interest. This man is, without a doubt, her Steve Brady. She was filling me in on this nice, interested, boy and how he had already planned two dates and (most importantly) didn’t make her feel bad. She was explaining that he asked her to come over and bake cookies when I laughed out loud. This was a full circle moment.

A few months ago, Miranda started seeing a guy who turned out to be a douchebag. For Valentine’s Day, she surprised him by making his favorite cookies (from scratch), and he broke her heart before she got the chance to give them to him. Now she found someone who was sending her recipes.

When I started this column, I had no idea what I wanted. I just knew I was tired of going through my life so guarded and was ready to have some fun. I guess my full circle moment came when I realized that even through all the boys and?the bullshit, I had accomplished everything I set out to do this year. I got involved on campus, made friends that feel like family and even managed to pass Stat! These were all things I once considered myself incapable of, but here I am!

Everything really does happen for a reason. Even though things rarely make sense in the moment, I have discovered that feelings are never wasted. The friends you make, the people you date, your family, etc. are all lucky to be loved by you, and slowly you will learn that that is enough. Who knows why anything happens the way it does? Why we meet boys in elevators or drop post-it notes? I do know that I don’t regret a single second of any of it.

I’m that girl from the magazine who has bangs, talks about zodiac signs and writes about boys. I’ve built a ridiculous, glamorous little life for myself here and I am so fucking proud of that. College in all its glory and gore, is about figuring out who you are. You can’t change if you stay comfortable.

With so much about to change I have to admit that I am really excited. I may still be a single girl of state, but I don’t think I have ever been happier.

I can’t wait to be back for season two and to tell you all every little detail! Cheers to hot girl summer and full circle moments! Until fall!


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