Single Girls of State: Single & Fabulous?

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Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where we allow couples to actively throw their love in our faces. If I am being honest, I have a hard time trying to understand why anyone would want to be in a relationship in their early twenties. Then Valentine’s Day rolls around and I am reminded that men (sometimes) deep deep down, have hearts. 

 Every V-Day, I scroll through social media and am reminded just how many people are in L-word. I forget people actually do that because like honestly name someone? Then, in the dead of winter without any warning, thousands of couples emerge.

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  You see, being single is fabulous (exclamation point) 364 days out of the year. The world is our oyster, the drinks are always free and us girls can drunk call whomever we want (whenever we want) with only mild repercussions. I love being single, except for on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is when my normal exclamation point becomes a sad, hungover, question mark. It’s a hostile question mark, the kind that floods your instagram feed with sappy odes to undying love and sobs uncontrollably to Olivia Rodrigo. 

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This year, I planned the entire day out to minimize any “female hysteria” comments from my friends and family. I decided that the best way to avoid recreating that drunk singing scene from Bridget Jones Diary (pictured here) was to strategically schedule a social media detox. I had planned to delete all of it, Tiktok, Instagram and even Facebook.

That did not happen because I forgot! On the morning of February 14th, a social media spiral ensued. It started with seeing a former man-friend post his girlfriend. Triggering yes, but manageable. Then I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of “Happy Love Day” Instagram stories (can we talk about that because, the fuck?) The kicker, mind you this all happened before noon, was discovering a roster member has secretly had a long-time girlfriend.

While the universe has a real talent for kicking me when I am down, I must remember that a relationship status really is just that, a status. Just like wearing a new pair of shoes or getting tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. We all get to show off on social platforms and then it’s on to the next thing. Frankly, I care more about the Taylor Swift tickets than who is dating who on a random day in February.

My advice to you all is this: block the ones that lie about having girlfriends, watch Bridget Jones without recreating it, NEVER EVER open stories on Valentine’s Day and remember that 364 days out of the year WE get that exclamation point! Let’s give those sorry sons of bitches just this one. 🙂

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Until next time!

xoxo Mariah

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