The Powers of Tea

Photo by Vanessa Feng

During these cold winter months, snuggling up in your fuzzy socks with a hot cup of tea is one of the most satisfying feelings. Did you know that your large, piping hot cup of tea actually has some serious health and beauty benefits, too?

Valley did some research on the best types of tea for your body and mind.

Green Tea

Who doesn’t love a cup of green tea to warm and soothe the throat when you’re sick? Other than being a natural remedy for sore throats, green tea also has major beauty benefits. The herbs in the tea make it one of the best for banishing those blemishes for glowing skin.

Try making your very own green tea face mask. After making your tea, remove the teabag and let it cool down for about 15 minutes. Then, cut the teabag open and remove the herbs and other green goodness from the bag. Add about a teaspoon of honey and water to the mixture and apply it to your skin.

Use this as an exfoliant to scrub away blackheads and other impurities, or let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wash off. The soothing properties in green tea are perfect for sensitive skin.

Try this DIY mask with your girls and watch how they will thank you for making their skin baby-smooth.

Chai Tea

Having been cherished in India for centuries, Chai is one of the most health-benefiting teas across the globe. With herbals such as ginger, fennel, clove, and cinnamon, this “wonder tea” is known for improving the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Majoring in Biology, freshman Ankita Bassi has been drinking Chai since she was a little girl. “I drink it a lot, usually about three times a day. Especially when I am sick, my mom will add extra ginger to the tea to help boost my immune system,” says Bassi.

Chai is also perfect for those annoying stomach pains every girl knows all too well. “Normally, to make our Chai, I add in saunf, also known as fennel seeds, which really help with bloating,” says Bassi.

As Chai varies in its ingredients based on the brand or type, make sure you read the nutrition facts first to ensure that you are drinking the tea with these health benefits.

Chamomile Tea

Feeling sleepy? Chamomile tea is the best for helping your body relax so you can get some rest. If you find yourself laying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling because you just cannot seem to fall asleep, try making a quick cup of the Celestial Herbal Tea in Sleepy Time Vanilla. This tea is caffeine free and has additives such as spearmint, lemongrass, and blackberry leaves which are natural sleep aids.

If you are really having trouble getting some shut eye, try adding about two drops of lavender extract into the chamomile tea for an extra relaxing drink.

Next time you go to Starbucks and are about to order that grande caramel macchiato, try thinking about switching it up with a green tea or Chai latte. Valley promises you won’t be sorry.