The Matching Game: Socks and Shoes

FallBoots_SkylarYuen Now that eternal winter at State College is on its way, we have to prepare…our feet. The time of open-toed wedges, strappy heel and flip flops is no longer. We are now in boot weather. It’s time to stock up the sock collection and get creative.

We stopped by Metro to get some advice on what socks go with which shoe. Sophia Sunderhaus, Senior Sales Associate, gave us some great looks.

If you still want to wear that open-toed shoe, pair it with stockings. The outfit will still be fashionable, but now your toots will be warm. You could also go with a knee high sock with detail just above the boot to add some flare. If you’re wearing tall boots with more detail on the boot, you could go with a “cute frilly, fee people layering look” to still get the most out of your outfit. If you would rather wear a flannel, Sophia recommends that you pair it with a high knee sock and an ankle boot.

Now let’s talk about something even our parents wore….yes, tube socks. “Hard to do, but looks good for sporting events. Still dressed nicely, but for the occasion.” Sophia says if you wear tube socks over leggings, it “adds warmth and still looks super cute!” If you go with a white tube sock, it’s more of a casual gym-hitting look, whereas gray is classy.

Next stop on our foot fashion was our friend, Matthew Lannan, at Dwellings. He showed us multiple options to pair with your favorite fall shoe. Boot toppers are somewhat of a new trend. If you are going out and want to wear a high heel ankle boot, you can pair it with a lacy boot topper, which is similar to that of a garter, you wear it just above the ending of the boot to add a little decoration.

Lannan also gave us his opinion on the much loved leg warmer: “I think they are coming back, even with a high-top sneaker.” It could be paired with a big sweater, or something a little sportier like a crew neck and leggings. You can even do the button-up leg warmers paired with a heeled boot to add a little texture to your boot.

Lannan gave us some well noted tips as well. First, if you do decide to bring those tube socks back, you should stick to a sporty look and scrunch the sock just above your shoe. Next, if you plan on wearing a trouser or loafer sock, do not, I repeat do not pair it with an oxford shoe. Another no-no, is cuffing. Do not cuff your pants to show off your sock more. A new watch-out trend is brought to us from Chanel: on the runway, bright tights are paired under a dress with either ankle boots or mid-calf boot.

With all of these options, you are sure to make an impression. By dressing up your look with the right sock and shoe your outfit will look complete and it will show others just how much you know about fashion. Let us not forget about the warmth either! Now that your little tootsies are covered and warm, you won’t have to worry them freezing and you limping your way across campus.

Photo by Skylar Yuen 

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