Style a Bralette in Confidence

This summer’s hottest trend is here to stay—bralettes. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular are those that are made with delicate lace. Let’s face it.. we’ve seen other girls on campus style their bralettes in a way that is simple, yet sexy—and we’re totally jealous. The real question is: how would an aspiring fashionista wear one? The good news is that bralettes are lightweight and look good with practically everything. Don’t worry, Valley’s got you covered.

Open back tops

If you happen to own one of those super trendy tops that expose your entire back, you’re in luck. Swap your regular bra and its ugly straps with a crisscross bralette. Everyone will think it’s part of your shirt!

Sheer blouse

Make a statement by laying a bralette under a white or cream-colored shirt. There’s such a large variety of stlyles and colors, so you’ll never run out of options. Polish off the outfit with a pair of black or dark denim jeans.

People’s Nation employee Gabby Ramirez says, “Bralettes are perfect for see-through blouses. That’s typically how we style them on our mannequins.” 

Loose tank top/cut off

If a sheer blouse isn’t enough coverage for you, try wearing a bralette under a flowy tank. It’s an easy alternative and great for the yoga pants days. Mix and match your favorite styles with a graphic tank for a cute look.

Denim shirt/cardigan

Take your bralette to the next level with an oversized denim button-down or a lightweight cardigan. Both options are quick substitutions for what you probably already wear. Whichever you pick, you’ll sure be cozy. 

If you’re feeling really inspired, check out Selena’s The Heart Wants What It Wants music video. Her outfit takes bralettes to a whole new level.

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