Timberland Boots

Timbs_JessicaLaGreca Lately, not being basic has been everyone’s main concern. We all know the classic traits of the basic Penn State girl are, and it’s been mocked endlessly. But we cannot forget that Penn State boys are just as likely to exhibit those basic boy traits too. One of those trends that we love to see when the weather gets colder is Timberland Boots. I’ll admit it, I don’t mind it as a men’s fashion trend. Because of that, I can’t help but be intrigued (albeit more than that) by the appearance of women’s Timberland boots.

Like most new trends, I tend to be skeptical when I first spot a new item on the streets. At this time last year, I only knew one girl that had a pair of Timberland boots and could pull them off flawlessly. But the more I saw her wear them, the more I realized how there was potential for a trend there. The benefits of Timberland boots include the style aspect yes, but also the practicality of their wear for State College weather.

At a certain point during fall semester we must realize it is no longer riding boot weather and accept our icy, freezing fate. That’s when Timberland boots come in. you can rock them with leggings and a crew neck, or dare to pair them with jeans and an oversized sweater. Their neutral color scheme makes them a great (dare I say it) basic to add to anyone’s shoe collection. If you are tired of your duck boots, or are just itching for that new pair of shoes look no further than the footwear of your basic college boy. Ladies, it’s our turn to take a basic trend and make it big. So when you are out and shopping for your new pair of winter footwear, take a chance and try on a pair of Timberland boots. You may just find that these are your new favorite pair of winter shoes.

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