Nailed It: This Fall’s Hottest Nail Trends

FallNails_SkylarYuen Ask any true fashionista — cuticle care is crucial! Whether you prefer doing your nails at home or getting them done at the salon, a fresh manicure is clean, pretty, and just another way to express yourself and your style. This fall, we rounded up some of the most hip trends to keep your nail game on point.


If you’re anything like me, dark nails is an absolute signature. Blacks, dark reds, and even navy blues or grays serve as the counter-culture of nails. Cross over to the dark side and give off an edgy flare with this season’s darkest trend.


Spirited people are very creative — from head to toe and now, even to nail! Show off your penn state pride by inscribing letters onto your nails. Sorority letters, organization names, or even the classic “PSU” for football games is a very innovative way to bring fourth what your passionate about.


Just as we saw the emergence of ombre hair this past year, ombre nails are making a huge appearance as well. Although this may sound daunting, its actually quite simple — just chose two colors and paint the top of your nail one and the bottom of your nail the other. Feeling super creative? Paint the bottom part in the shape of a triangle to create a super sleek illusion!


There’s no shame in going back to basics. When you’ve tried all of the above and want to end your cycle with a nice clean look, try a red or light pink. Wear them short for a polished vibe or grow them out to add some elegance to your fingers.

Junior Megan Gimson is a Psychology major who, in he spare time, serves as the most popular manicurist for all of her friends and sorority sisters. “When it comes to fall colors, I like dark reds. I also love a black french, which is a big trend at the moment,” Gimson says.

When it comes to nail art, you really can’t go wrong as long as you use your fingernails as an extension of your beautiful, unique style. As the fall weather shifts to winter, don’t be afraid to try something new. Just like that, a simple splash of color can transform your entire ensemble and give you a little extra boost of confidence. Nailed it!


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