Shopping Your Closet This Halloweekend


You’re sitting in class on Thursday afternoon when you get a text from your friend reminding you that she’s throwing a social tomorrow night. As is protocol in these situations, you ask her what she plans on wearing and in response she sends you a picture of cat ears and a black leotard. Oh yeah… tomorrow’s Halloween, isn’t it?

Well, that escalated quickly.

But just because there’s not enough time to go out and buy a costume (if there are any good ones left in the stores to begin with!) doesn’t mean you can’t still own the Halloweekend costume scene.

“A lot of girls are making costumes instead of spending so much money on them this year,” says Jezebel’s owner, Patty Stover.

Pulling a costume out of your hat is as easy as reaching into your bag of tricks – a.k.a. your closet. Not only will you save yourself some money and a trip to the store, but you’ll also save yourself the shame of showing up in the same outfit as someone else. Feel free to give pause for your inner-hipster to rejoice.

When it comes to shopping your closet this Halloween, Valley’s got you covered: whatever it is you’re looking for in a costume, consider this is your go-to guide to Halloweekend fierceness.

It’s kind of a punny story…

When it comes to earning major Halloween street cred, dressing up as your favorite pun is a priceless way to show off your personality and knock your costume game out of the park. All you need are a few random props, ample amounts of cardboard, and a dream.

An easy costume for Penn Staters is to dress up as a “Ceiling Fan.” Throw on your game-day gear and bring along some pom-poms – but instead of sporting the Penn State logo, trade it in for a cardboard sign that says “Ceiling.” You are now a fan of “the ceilings.” Get it?

Anything but basic

Just one item from your closet can inspire the rest of your costume.

Your little black dress can turn you into Holly Golightly with just a few pearls and a simple updo, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can cut out a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and throw on a red sweater or blazer for a Disney spin on an old classic.

A trench coat can make you a detective, a business suit can make you a flight attendant, a button-down can make you into Mary Poppins and a striped top can make you into a living Waldo. A basic item can make you be anything but basic.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Making a costume really come to life is all in the details, and you know what that means – it’s time to accessorize.

This is often where girls struggle most, but by keeping a few key items on hand, you can create nearly any costume. A hair-bow can double as a bow-tie for a nerd costume, your THON tutu can be used for a ballerina costume, and a headband can turn you into a hippie.

So if you’re running short on time and money this Halloween, it’s important to remember that your closet’s already got your back. Looking boo-tiful doesn’t have to cost a thing.


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