Boot Clips: A Fashion Secret You’ll Wish You Already Knew About

SabineC.BootclipKeys? Check. Laptop? Check.

Everything is in order as you slip into your everyday boots –both the warmest yet fashionable shoe you may currently have. After locking your door, you begin your freezing, bundled-up voyage to class, only to notice moments later that of all things, your pants are beginning to bunch.

The pant-bunching phenomenon is often unavoidable during freezing temperatures that typically require pants; however this small annoyance can go so far as to determine the outcome of one’s day. A day with pant-bunching, for instance, is nowhere near the type of day one could have free of bunching pants.

Day-in and day-out pant-bunching runs rampant as students make their trek to class with pant folds suffocating the tops of their boots. The result is discomfort and frustration, as the pants that were tried on in the store acted in no such way.

Little do pant bunching victims know, there is a simple solution known as boot clips. These small elastic clips keep pants tucked snugly inside boots, discreetly keeping pants in place and smoothing their appearance.

Boot clips can be found mostly online around the price of $10, a small investment when compared to the pricey number of pants that prove unenjoyable to wear with boots. In addition, boot clips come in a number of sizes depending on height, pant length and pant thickness.

For those who face a similar daily problem, who knows? Ten dollars forward may not just change the way your pants look – it may just change your day, too.

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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