Highlighting the Do’s and Dont’s of Wearing Neon

Ponte.Neon1.1From hats to socks, neon colors have been a huge trend for a while now. Yet even after the many years of wearing neon, there is always the question of how much neon is too much. With such bright colors there is a fine line when wearing neon colors turns blinding, which is never fun for surrounding parties. But for those still struggling on how to wear neon, first tip of advice: accent.

DO accent

Accenting is the perfect way to add some neon into your outfit without overdoing it. You can accent in small ways such as wearing a neon beanie or scarf. For the more adventurous, try wearing neon tights. Accenting with neon adds pop of color to your outfit, which is great for the drab winter months.

DON’T break the rule of two

Wearing more than two shades of neon can look overwhelming. A bright, multicolored neon outfit will drown out your face. Stick to two complimenting shades of neon to avoid any clashing. Two complimenting shades could mean an electric blue and neon yellow or possibly a lime green and a fluorescent orange.

DO wear a base color

Like most things in life, there is a balance. This also applies to wearing neon colors. Wearing black in a neon accented outfit helps balance out the intensity that neons bring. Other base colors such as dark purples and blues can also help. While white can be a great base color, it can also act as a neon because of its brightness. Make sure you wear only one neon shade when wearing a white base color.

DO wear it appropriately

With most outfits there is a time and place for it. This most definitely applies to any neon outfit. Wearing a neon outfit to a job interview is probably not the best idea, and neither is wearing a vivid neon outfit during formal events. As neon isn’t very conservative, make sure you check yourself before donning a vibrant outfit.  But wearing neon clothes to the gym is most definitely cute, especially those neon gym shoes.


Knock yourself out! There is no rule for wearing too much for neon at THON. In fact, if there were a rule it would be to wear so much neon that you look like a human highlighter. It’s for the kids!

And lastly,

DON’T limit yourself

While these rules are here to help you not blind half the Penn State population, fashion rules are always meant to be broken. So if you think that maybe wearing a crazy neon outfit to a formal event will look nice, definitely go for it. Fashion is made from experimentation, and sometimes the best neon outfits will come from a little rule breaking. Neon is made to be a fun and crazy color. So try something different, and please do break the rules.

Photo by Jose Ponte

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