Get Ready to THON with Penn State Bows

PSU BowsBecause of the lack of showering and constant sweating, every girl’s hair at THON at one point will get a little greasy. But what’s a better way to distract from this inevitable imperfection than a big beautiful bow?

Laura Kennedy, 21 a senior at Penn State, is ready to make her mark in the THON world with the ability to decorate every girl’s hair with the perfect bow that will represent the organization or committee they are a part of.

“My dream would be to see as many Penn State Bows as possible during THON weekend. It would be incredible to see my customers wearing and enjoying the bows,” says Kennedy.

The idea for Penn State Bows sparked from seeing the crazy outfits people wore during THON and Kennedy decided she wanted to make something herself. The bows started with just her friends wearing them and it soon escalated to its own little company with over 500 followers on Facebook.

“I hand make all the bows myself and run all of the social media. All orders can be placed right through my Facebook page and it explains exactly what to do to make a custom- ordered bow,” says Kennedy

This year Kennedy has decided to reach out to dancers, committees, sororities, and organizations to let them know about her business and so far girls have been ordering.

“I’m really focusing on making bows in committee and organization colors and bulks orders for captains and committee members. I made bows for the technology captains in the beginning of the year,” says Kennedy.

The bows come in 17 different sizes and can be worn in many different ways for THON. They can clip back bangs, they can be tied to braids, and they can pin back half of your hair.

“I like to wear a small bow to hold back my bangs but to change it up I also love to pin a huge one to hold back half of my hair,” says Kennedy.

THON is a sea of colors and a fun way to represent your individual committee or group colors is with a bow. There will be different yellow patterns for Moralers, Minions bows for a Rules and Regulations committee, bright neon greens bows, orange bows—any color bow possible will be decorating the dance floor during THON weekend.

Girls can follow Penn State Bows on Facebook and can go there to place an order. THON is just around the corner and ladies now have a way to look fantastic even after they don’t get to shower.

Photo courtesy of Penn State Bows


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