What You Forgot to Pack

DSCN4348Nothing kicks off a fresh semester better than a pair of winter boots. That’s right Penn Staters, a pair of winter boots.

While they may not be on the top of your back-to-school packing list, winter boots have proven to be commonplace in dorm closets for years on end. The only problem? Students pack just a little too late.

According to AccuWeather.com, “the cold season’s first snow accumulations in State College materialize later in the month, between Oct. 20 and Oct. 31.”

For the students who venture home before the Thanksgiving holiday, it is possible you will dodge the snow without frozen piggies. Those who stay on campus until the holiday hits, however, may experience a slightly different forecast.

One of the earliest snowfalls on record in State College, Pa. took place on Oct. 2, 2011, reports AccuWeather.com.

Moral of the story: have your winter boots at the ready in Happy Valley. If not, your feet may not be so happy.

Photo by Amelia Friedrichs


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