If The Bachelor Season 19 Contestants Could Be Described In One Word

The latest episode of The Bachelor has left us with so many unanswered questions. Is Britt not the person we thought she was? How did Kelsey end up on the floor? Who is going home? The tension and drama are on the rise—and it’s got us on the edge of our seats. Although Chris has won over our hearts, it’s the girls that keep us interested. They’re unpredictable—they say crazy things and go to extreme lengths to sabotage each other, and we love it. We’ve taken all your amusing thoughts and turned them into one-word narratives for each girl’s personality. You’re welcome.



Ashley I. – Dramatic

We heard you loud and clear—you’re a virgin. If there’s one thing that this girl is determined about, it’s telling everyone about her big, not-so-secret secret. She’s so emotional—crying hysterically one minute and reapplying her makeup the next.




Becca – Down-to-earth

This girl is cool. She’s laidback, relaxed, and definitely an easy-going person. On the first night, she rode in on a motorcycle, which is totally badass. There’s no doubt that she knows how to have a good time.



480.1x1-3Britt – Charming

Britt is very appealing—she’s pretty, she has a good personality, she’s good with winged eyeliner, and she has perfect hair. From the get-go, she’s swooned Chris with her beauty. It seems like she’s got it all. Oh, did we mention she has perfect hair?




Carly – Innocent

It wasn’t until that escapade with Chris and the ‘love guru’ that we really saw Carly for who she is. She’s kind-hearted and delightful. Although she’s had a rocky past, she’s proven to Chris that she can be more than just a good wife.




Jade – Reserved

It’s hard to pinpoint what kind of a person she really is, considering she’s always in the background. She doesn’t speak up much and seems pretty timid at times. If there’s one thing we love about her, it’s that she makes a great Cinderella.




Kaitlyn – Goofy

Katilyn is loud and proud, and she doesn’t care who sees it. She’s got some crazy (and inappropriate) jokes, but we have to admit, they’re pretty funny. If there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s entertaining other people.




Kelsey – Conflicted

Kelsey is interesting. It’s clear that she hates the other girls, or should I say bimbos? She’s just revealed her dark past, but we’re not so sure we believe it. After that ‘accidental’ episode on the floor, we’re questioning her character altogether.




Mackenzie – Bizarre

There’s no one quite like Mackenzie. On her first date with Chris, she was way too eager to talk about aliens. Later on the camping group date, she brought the topic up again, completely convinced that aliens were going to abduct her in her sleep.




Megan – Stupid

Megan has always been a little bit out there. Don’t get us wrong—she’s a very nice girl. But, she did say that she was excited to leave the country—when she left for New Mexico. This isn’t the only thing that she’s confused about.




Samantha – Mysterious

Who is Samantha? We’ve only seen her face in glimpses, maybe a full minute total since the show started. We don’t know if she’s ever talked to Chris. We don’t even know if she’s talked to the other girls. Does anyone know who she is?




Whitney – Bubbly

There’s nothing bad to say about Whitney. She’s exceptionally kind, caring, and thoughtful. When she surprised Chris with his favorite whiskey, we awed in amazement and wonder. Beautiful inside and out, she’s the total package.




Who do you think Chris is going to send home? Tell us in the comments!


Images source: abc.go.com


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